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This movie service experience has definitely surpassed my personal expectations. I started using Sky4K about 3 years ago and my movie watching experience has grown exponentially. I've added Sky4K to my phone and tablet for my movie viewing convenience. Now, I'm not sure what life would be like without Sky4K!

Fajar Siddiq Users-From Indonesia

Menu is smart and easy to quickly navigate to titles by name or type of film. Also, film summaries display quickly making selection details decisions easy. Ratings popularity of each selection readily visible, plus feedback can be made with comments.

Muhamad Hafiz Users-From Malaysia

Great value, great new movies, it's a leader in the industry. Lots of competition trying to be Sky4K, but no one there yet. Not yet lol, keep up the good work.

王慧齐 Users-From Tawian (China)

I'm really happy with the service. Everything is as it shows and I have no issues. Sky4K has been resourceful and easy to operate. I have always recommended this service to my friends and family. My kids use it a lot more than me because there is a variety of choices and there are a lot of family things to watch together. They just need to update more movies and everything would be all set.

Chang Wei Qi Users-From Singapore


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